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Carex, Where Have You Been All My Life?

By Steffie Littlefield (This article was first published in The Gateway Gardener May 2006 issue) After being given the assignment of writing on a small ornamental grass (sedge, actually) called carex, a subject I feared was very limited, I went to my bulging bookshelf of garden resources for new information. The first three books I choose did not even list

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Mix Up Your Beds and Borders

By Barbara Perry Lawton (This article was first published in The Gateway Gardener May 2006 issue.) Traditional gardeners and garden designers often create each garden bed and border with a single focus, with an emphasis on a particular group of plants. As a result, we often have perennial borders, annual beds, rose gardens, herb gardens and other “Johnny-One-Note” gardens. While

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What’s Wrong with My Sycamore?

By Robert Weaver If the lawn beneath your sycamore tree looks like this this spring, you might be understandably concerned about the sycamore tree towering above it. Leaves shriveling and dropping by the basketful can certainly be disturbing, but in this case, it’s nothing to get too concerned about. In cool, wet springs, sycamores are susceptible to a fungus disease

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