Monthly Archives: May 2014

Pool and Patio Palms

A photo of a fan palm

By Ellen Barredo ]An abbreviated version of this article appeared in The Gateway Gardener June 2014 issue.] There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by boldly textured palms! Here are a few suggestions for success with palms. Purchase your palms at a local garden center as they usually acquire their palms from reputable growers that have techniques set up to ‘Light

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Outstanding Perennials for Landscape Success

A picture of Allium 'Millennium'

The pace of new perennial introductions by plant explorers and breeders each year is almost staggering.  What is a herbaceous perennial enthusiast to do?  Is NEW always improved? How does the “latest and greatest” compare to the traditional tried and true? By Bill Ruppert, photos courtesy Walters Gardens, Inc., www.perennialresource,com unless otherwise credited. [An abbreviated version of this article appeared

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