Rescue and Renovate Your Cool-Season Lawn

a photo of a man fertilizing a lawn

Cool-season lawns need “cool” temperatures at night for them to recover from the high daytime temps. When we don’t get cool nights and rain, the lawns suffer (get diseases & weeds) and they won’t recover until the cool nights return. By Glennon Kraemer (This article first appeared in The Gateway Gardener September 2014 issue) Cool-season lawns need “cool” temperatures at

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Purple Coneflower: Made for the Shade

A photo of purple coneflower

A common misconception about purple coneflower is that they are sun-worshiping prairie dwellers. Not so. In nature they grow in the woods, open woods that is, or savannas where the trees are widely spaced, limbs are high and only patchy-filtered sunlight reaches the ground floor. By Scott Woodbury [This photo was original published in The Gateway Gardener June 2015 issue.]

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Three Houseplants to Brighten Your Home in Winter

A photo of a cyclamen plant with white blooms

 Listed below are three of my favorite houseplants to brighten up the winter months of January and February. My first favorite is the Lemon Cypress, a plant native to California. This evergreen tree enjoys lots of light and consistent moisture.  By Ellen Barredo (This article was first published in The Gateway Gardener January/February 2014 issue.) Listed below are three of

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