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Grow Your Garden From Seeds

By Barbara Perry Lawton (This article first appeared in The Gateway Gardener January/February 2006 issue.) Many gardeners have never tried growing annuals, vegetables and even perennials from seed, believing the process too daunting a task. Yet there are some good arguments for starting your garden from seeds. Plant propagation from seeds is, to be sure, the most economical method. Often

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From Cloches to Castles–Season Extenders

Season-Extending Options for Every Budget (This article first appeared in The Gateway Gardener Jan/Feb. 2006 issue) Many gardeners welcome the respite from gardening chores that comes from the frosty days of winter, but if this is your season of discontent, there are many options available to minimize and even eliminate your gardening downtime.  From simple, economic covers to budget-busting glass

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